What To Expect When You Are Done With Braces

Aug 01, 2019

Going through the orthodontic treatment is stressful, as you have to experience discomfort, pain, food restrictions, and loads of appointments and adjustments for a period of two to three years. So finally, when it’s the time for your braces to come out, your excitement knows no bounds. It is the time for you to wear the smile that you have been dreaming of.

It’s the time to take pride for your resilience and commitment. However, what most people forget is that your orthodontic treatment is not over with your dental appliance coming off. Maintaining your newly found perfect smile needs some work and dedication, so that you can enjoy it for a longer duration.

Wearing Your Retainer

Once your braces come off, the retainers are going to be your friends. If you don’t want your teeth to shift back to their original position, you must wear them diligently explains the Burlington dentist. It can take some time for your teeth to get shifted in a new position and wearing retainers at this time is crucial. You can find two types of retainers namely removable retainers and fixed retainers. While the fixed ones are cemented at the back of your teeth, the removable ones are fit to your mouth. They are made of either plastic and wires or full plastic just like Invisalign trays.

Your Oral Hygiene Routine

It’s advised that you must schedule a visit to your dentist in 01803 after your dental appliance comes off to get cleaning and evaluation done. With your dental appliance, it is difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene, so a dental cleaning will make sure that your teeth are free from food debris and plaque. You must also take care about the cleanliness of the retainers as they should not accumulate bacteria.

Adapting to Life without Braces

Life after removal of your dental appliance is exciting. You can now speak and eat comfortably. However, you must be careful about the food that you eat and avoid chewing on hard food items as your teeth are still sensitive after the treatment.