What to Expect When Receiving Dentures

May 31, 2018

A common misconception associated with dentures are proved wrong more and more thanks to upcoming technology. With this new technology, your dentist is able to customize your dentures to fit better, making them more comfortable, stable, and look more natural. There are even several options of dentures to fit your needs, whether your missing all of your teeth or only a few of them. At Varallo Orthodontics in Burlington, MA, our dental professionals want to see you have a full mouth of teeth that finally give you the confidence you deserve.

What to Prepare Yourself For

  • They are comfortable. Many people assume that dentures are synonymous with pain and ill-fitting discomfort. The truth of the matter is, is that all types of dentures are now customized to fit your gums or mouth and can be adjusted appropriately.
  • They are secure. If your dentures are not secure, they most likely just need to be re-fitted. Customized dentures are specifically designed to suction to your mouth without needing to be bonded.
  • They are attractive. Denture technology is no longer teeth that are too white with bright pink gums. They are now designed to look and feel like real teeth, and your dentist will be in charge of designing them in a way that fit the size and shape of your mouth.
  • They work like real teeth. Thanks to customized dentures, you no longer have to deprive yourself of certain foods, thanks to the fact that they fit much more securely.

See the Difference Dentures Can Make

If you’re in the market to fill in a few spots that are missing teeth, or even for those that are missing all of their teeth, dentures can be the right solution for you. If you want to know more about your denture options, del free to give our office a call today!