What to Expect If Considering Invisalign Treatment

What to Expect If Considering Invisalign Treatment?

Jul 06, 2020

If orthodontic treatment with Invisalign Braces sounds like an excellent idea, you must read this blog or speak to friends who have experienced Invisalign treatment. Talking to an Invisalign orthodontist, if possible, will also prove helpful.

The Invisalign dentist will remind patients that insurance companies are supporting Invisalign teen and therefore discussing with your insurance provider about the coverage offered for orthodontic treatments with Invisalign is recommended.

Why You Must Choose the Right Dentist

An important decision like Invisalign treatment will affect your quality of life as well as your finances, and therefore you must choose a dentist experienced with Invisalign. You can visit the dentist in Burlington & Arlington for a free consultation without hesitating to meet several dentists before you move forward.

Consultation for Invisalign Treatment

The Invisalign website offers you an opportunity to take a free smile assessment before you consult with the chosen dental professional. During your office consultation, the dentist will help you to determine if Invisalign braces are right for you. Invisalign clear braces while helping treat gaps, overbites, crowding, underbites, and other issues is not suitable for every case. Severe cases will need traditional metal and wire braces or alternative treatments. You must ask questions about Invisalign, including the costs and weigh the benefits and downsides of the procedure with your dentist.

Customizing Your Treatment

After you are confirmed as suitable for Invisalign clear braces, the Invisalign orthodontist will customize a treatment plan for you. Digital x-rays, molded impressions, and images of your teeth will be taken to create a digital roadmap the dentist can follow. Using the software from Invisalign, the dentist can predict how your teeth will change over time with this treatment. You will even be able to visualize how your teeth will look eventually at the end of the procedure. It is difficult to predict the duration of the treatment, but in most cases, the timeframe lasts for about a year for most patients. However, it depends on the unique plan created for you.

Fabricating Your Aligners

Invisalign functions by fabricating your custom-fitted plastic aligners that must be replaced every two weeks with a fresh set. The custom aligners will not irritate your cheeks like conventional braces. Removing them when eating or brushing is a benefit that will be accessible to you.

After the arrival of the aligners, you will need special fasteners that are bonded temporally to your teeth. The fasteners help you to clip in your aligners easily but shouldn’t cause any concerns in your mind because they, too, are invisible and will be removed at the end of the treatment. It is essential to remember that every set of aligners will be designed to fit where your teeth would have moved at the end of two weeks. Therefore you will experience some discomfort with every new set of aligners. As you get accustomed to the new set, the aligner fits better, indicating to you it is functioning appropriately.

Managing with Invisalign Treatment

The best results of Invisalign treatment are achieved if you wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. The aligners must remain in your mouth during the day and night, except for brushing and eating. Speaking with the new aligners will need adjustment, just like it is with traditional metal and wire braces. You must visit your orthodontist every six weeks to monitor your progress and modify any details if necessary. You will receive a new set of aligners every two weeks, which are comfortable to replace. Eating or drinking anything, but water is possible with Invisalign treatment, and most people will never realize you are wearing orthodontic teeth straighteners.

What Happens at the End of the Treatment

You may not notice a huge difference in reality after you have completed your Invisalign treatment. This is because you never stopped observing your teeth when you smiled. However, getting the fasteners removed and no longer burdened by wearing the aligners will be a relief. It would help if you remembered that your teeth could potentially move back to their original position even after you have undergone orthodontic treatment. You must discuss with your dentist about the need of wearing a retainer and ensure you wear it as instructed by the dental professional. If you wish to maintain your new smile wearing the retainer is essential.

We hope you have gained some invaluable insights about the Invisalign treatment and know what to expect from it from the beginning to the end.