Understanding Everything About Damon Orthodontic Treatment

Sep 01, 2020

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that helps straighten the teeth or patients and realign their jawbones. To achieve these, teeth aligners are needed, to put pressure on teeth, initiating the movement. The treatment wholly relies on controlled pressure, applied consistently over a certain period to cause the roots and crowns of teeth to move. The teeth aligners used to accomplish these effects on a smile differ in appearances, materials, and how they are used.

While many are conversant with traditional metal braces, they are not the only type of teeth aligners used in orthodontics. Today we discuss Damon orthodontic treatment in Arlington, MA, which utilizes Damon system braces.

What are Damon Braces?

They are self-ligating oral appliances that are fitted similarly to traditional metal braces. Self-ligating dental braces use specialized clips or little metal doors. The clips are responsible for holding the wires of the braces in place. Technically, the rubber bands used in traditional braces are not used in self-ligating braces. Instead, the braces use a sliding mechanism to straighten crooked teeth. this is what comprises of ​Damon orthodontic treatment in Burlington, MA.

Damon braces are likable because of the convenience they introduce to patient’s experiences with orthodontic treatment. technically, Damon braces are termed as easy to clean, more comfortable, as well as demand fewer in-office dental visits. An important fact to note is that ​Damon orthodontic use less pressure to shift teeth. this is why patients enjoy a less-painful experience as compared to traditional braces. However, for this reason, the treatment then requires reinforcement from palatal expanders and sometimes tooth extractions.

Why are Damon Braces Popular?

Over the years, ​Damon orthodontics near you will seem to be growing in popularity, which is not a lie. People are becoming fonder of Damon braces for treating their orthodontic problems. Some of the reasons that make this treatment very popular in orthodontic dentistry are:

  1. Faster treatment – treatments in orthodontics take a lot of time, some stretching to years. With Damon braces, however, studies have shown that results are realized much faster than with traditional braces.
  2. Aesthetic benefits – the Damon braces come with different alternatives for patients to consider. This way, you can choose either metal braces or clear braces for Damon System Braces. The clear braces work best for adults who are particular about their appearances while going through treatment. The clear Damon braces are practically invisible, ensuring that your teeth can still be seen, regardless of the teeth aligners. This way, you can continue to flaunt your smile even while you undergo treatment. besides, the unsightly elastic bands present in traditional braces are not there with Damon braces.
  3. Fewer office visits – in-office maintenance is necessary when you get any kind of teeth aligners. It is the only way that your orthodontist can keep track of the progress of your teeth. besides, it is the only way that your dentist can adjust your teeth aligners to continue the process of realigning your teeth and jawbone successfully. While Damon braces are not exempted from in-office maintenance, the visits are fewer than with traditional metal braces.
  4. A more comfortable experience – Damon braces apply lesser pressure on your teeth, which realizes less pain during the treatment. the result is a more comfortable experience, as compared to the experience of having traditional metal braces. Aside from that, Damon braces cause less friction on your teeth. This goes to protect the structure of your teeth’s enamels, by avoiding erosion of the enamel.
  5. Ease of cleaning and maintenance – there are lesser edges and add-ons for plaque and food residues to be caught up with Damon braces than with traditional braces. This makes it easier for you to effectively floss and brush your teeth, even with braces in place.

Should You Try Damon Orthodontic Treatment?

Trying these teeth aligners should be based on your preferences. The first thing to consider is the insights of your orthodontists about your orthodontic problem before you start treatment. other than that, the above-mentioned benefits should give you an idea of what to expect from your treatment. another important factor to consider is the costs. Damon braces can cost a little more expensive than traditional braces, which might profoundly affect your decision.