Treatment Time for Damon System

Jul 19, 2018

With so many different orthodontic services, it can be a challenge to know what is best for you or your child. At Varallo Orthodontics we are dedicated to providing optimal service for each of our individual patients. One orthodontic service we provide to individuals is the Damon System. What is the Damon System and could your smile benefit from it? Continue reading to learn more about this unique service.

What Is the Damon System?

The Damon System can be used on a wide range of patients, both young and older, to improve the function and appearance of their smile. This unique treatment allows for less discomfort with quicker results. It doesn’t even require the use of elastic bands or metal ties, only an archwire and brackets. A bracket is placed on each individual tooth through the use of a metal or clear material and each set of teeth is provided an archwire. Your Varallo orthodontist will then make small adjustments to provide you with comfortable and quick treatment.

The Benefits of the Damon System

We provide an ‘invisible’ option for the Damon System that consists of clear hardware and these options can provide support for a wide range of dental alignment issues. Fewer visits to our office are required with the use of the Damon System.

Talking Treatment Times: How Fast is “Fast?”

It is known that the Damon System provides results at a much faster level, but how fast are we talking? It can take only a little over a year to achieve lasting results compared to over two years with traditional braces!

Where to Start

We encourage you to set up a consultation with our orthodontist staff and see if your smile could benefit from the Damon System.