Tips for Looking Your Best in Braces

Jan 01, 2019

It is quite obvious for every one of us to wish to look great all the time but people with braces become conscious of their appearance. However, you must not forget that the braces are temporary and are there to help you straighten your teeth. Once the braces are removed, you would enjoy straight teeth for life!

Here’s a look at some tips by our Orthodontist in Arlington which will help you in looking and feeling good about the braces:

1. Acceptance is the key!
When you wear braces it will help in having a beautiful smile. It shows that you care about your smile and are working towards improving it. Remembering how braces will transform your look and smile will help you in accepting them positively.

2. Choosing a neutral color
According to Orthodontist in 01866, instead of choosing the standard braces, you should choose the band color of braces carefully. It’s advisable to skip the bright shades of purple, red, blue, or orange and go for subtle shades of bands. Clear stains may appear to be the best option for you but get stained easily. It is better to choose silver, black, or Gray bands as they blend with your braces and would get lesser stains.

If you are not happy with the traditional braces, you can try following options:

  • Ceramic bracesThe ceramic braces are popular among people as they are less obvious and blend with the natural color of your teeth.
  • Lingual bracesThe lingual braces can also be a great option as they are places behind the teeth so they are not visible. However, it has been observed that people find them uncomfortable and painful in long run.
  • InvisalignThese are not braces but can help in realigning the teeth over time as they apply gentle pressure on teeth.

Some More Tips by Orthodontist in 02149

  • Avoid color clash when choosing more than one color for bands.
  • For an even look, mix light and dark colors.
  • Try many color options to find out which suits you the best.
  • Always try to choose a lighter color for bands