The Reasons Why Adults Prefer Clear Aligners to Conventional Braces for Orthodontic Treatments

Feb 01, 2020

The goal of orthodontics is to primarily correct teeth that are poorly positioned to improve their function and appearance. Modern-day orthodontics is offering adults with an alternative to braces that have been accepted widely as more and more adults are preferring to have problems with their teeth corrected by orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics was always associated with children because interceptive orthodontics served to create the needed space to facilitate the eruption of permanent teeth. However, more adults are presently undergoing orthodontic treatments to realign their permanent teeth. Thankfully orthodontic treatment can be obtained at any age as the basic process of tooth movement is the same in adults as well as children.

Why Are Adults Seeking Orthodontic Treatment?

Adults are seeking treatments from orthodontists not just to realign their teeth but also to correct an overbite or highly placed teeth, to correct dental overlaps or a space between the teeth, and to prevent premature erosion.

It can be a great decision to have your teeth straightened not just for cosmetic reasons. The straightening also improves the functionality of the teeth and the jaw muscles which is a dental disorder that exposes patients to many complications. If you are concerned about this problem you will benefit by knowing that you could be at a higher risk of developing cavities because of the difficulties in cleaning your overlapping teeth. You could be susceptible to fractures in teeth that are poorly positioned or suffer from chronic inflammation of the gums and TMJ disorders.

Making the decision to straighten your teeth will send you searching for orthodontics in Massachusetts that will offer you conventional braces or clear aligners in the form of Invisalign. Making a choice will be at your discretion after considering different factors. Let us look at what you should be considering when choosing conventional braces or clear aligners.

Conventional Braces

This is the best known orthodontic technique and you may be surprised to know that braces have changed dramatically over the past years and have become as discreet as clear aligners. However, you still need to have small metal or porcelain brackets cemented to the front of the teeth and connected by an archwire to gradually shift the teeth according to a predetermined plan. This setup will be applying slight pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired position. The wire will need to be replaced several times to continue the shifting until the results are achieved. Conventional braces can correct the position of the teeth simultaneously and individually. You will be required to schedule regular appointments with the orthodontist to monitor the treatment and make adjustments as needed. Excellent oral hygiene will be required if you are wearing conventional braces.

Clear Aligners

If you are seeking an orthodontic treatment that is discreet than conventional braces you will find clear aligners an ideal solution for your needs. These aligners do not need any brackets or wires.

If the orthodontic problems you are suffering from are moderate this will be a modern and virtually invisible method of correcting the problems. They function similar to braces by using translucent and removable aligners.

You still need to maintain regular appointments with the orthodontist every 6 to 8 weeks but the clear aligners need to be changed every two weeks according to the recommendations made by your dentist. Each aligner adjusts your teeth in line with the plan developed by the dentist by applying the required pressure.

Orthodontic treatments with clear aligners are faster than with conventional braces. As a patient, you must, however, be determined to maintain self-discipline as patient compliance is essential to the success of the treatment. The aligners must be worn 22 to 24 hours per day without exceptions and the freedom you have to remove them does not mean you can prolong the treatment by compromising the results.

Maintaining oral hygiene is easy with clear aligners like Invisalign because you can remove the aligners before brushing and flossing and replace them immediately after finishing.

Most importantly clear aligners being invisible cannot be noticed by anyone unlike conventional braces or ceramic braces that will be noticeable in the mouth and could be the reason why adults are preferring this option to conventional braces for orthodontic treatments.