Stop Smoking to Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Feb 26, 2019

We all know that smoking is dangerous for our lungs but very few people know that it can cause a risk of gum disease too. Gum disease is a big problem for oral health because it damages the structure of the teeth as well as may also lead to loss of teeth completely. If you are facing any gum diseases, then contact Varallo Orthodontics in Arlington for proper treatment at the earliest.

Now the question might arise- how is smoking related to gum-related problems?

Provides harmful bacteria an environment to grow: Smoking provides a similar kind of environment in your mouth which harmful bacteria need to grow. These bacteria cause the problem of gum diseases in the following ways-

  • When you smoke, some chemicals release in your mouth which damage your oral tissues
  • If oral tissues are damaged then it can cause the teeth to start detaching, which in turn lead to loss of teeth slowly and gradually
  • Smokers face this problem of losing teeth much earlier than the normal people do. If you are facing such issues, then contact Varallo Orthodontics in Burlington

Affects the immune system: Immune system plays an important role in our life. It fights bacteria and protects us from infections.
Smoking affects the immune system in the following ways-

  • Smoking makes your immune system weaker.
  • It slows down the process of healing which leads to slow recovery from gum diseases too
  • Slow recovery means high risk of getting this disease back again, even after recovering from it once

Hide the symptoms of the disease: There are many symptoms of gum diseases such as red and swollen gums, painful chewing, and so on. If you are facing these issues, chances are that you would still not be able to detect the difference in the initial stage because of the following reasons:

  • Tabasco and smoking restrict the blood supply in our mouth
  • This leads to damaged gums as well as you not realizing the symptoms sooner
  • Even for a smoker, you look healthy but there are so many things which affect your whole body simultaneously

As the cigarettes packaging itself demonstrates, smoking is like you are giving yourself a small dose of poison with every puff and taking your body nearer to serious health conditions. Smokers should definitely fix an appointment with the orthodontist near you to know the details of that has already taken place and how to recover and prevent it from worsening further.