Smile Better, Faster with Accelerated Orthodontics!

Feb 25, 2018

It’s no secret we all want a beautiful, straight, white smile. Sometimes, even with advanced braces and Invisalign technology, we get stuck waiting months– even years– for the streamlined smile we wanted when we walked into our first orthodontic appointment. It seems to be one of the more dreaded aspects of the tooth straightening process. Wait… what if we told you that you can get a faster, and even more precise results with all new technology aimed at giving you a beautiful smile faster! This is all possible with something called accelerated orthodontics using AcceleDent and PROPEL technology in conjunction with Invisalign braces. Read on to learn more about these products.

Combining Invisalign treatment with PROPEL and Acceledent technology can cut your treatment time by about half. This allows our patients to spend less time groaning over their braces, and more time enjoying their new and improved smile.

How Accelerated Orthodontics Work

AcceleDent works by treating your teeth with SoftPulse Technology for 20 minutes a day. SoftPulse technology uses micro-pulses to make tooth movement more rapid. Used correctly with your customized series of Invisalign treatments, we ensure you are able to enjoy your new smile in a timely manner, like never possible before.

PROPEL treatments are offered in-house through a series of appointments using a small handheld device by your dentist. With this device, we are able to stimulate bone movement in a safe, FDA approved, and efficient manner. This treatment even offers more precision to make sure your tooth alignment is as easy and convenient as it possibly can be. This route of treatment only requires a few more visits to your local dentist than normal, but it offers the most amount of pay off in such a short window of time.

Of course, it is always best to discuss with your orthodontist whether this treatment is for you or not. If you want to spend more time smiling and less time waiting for your Invisalign treatment to be done, talk to your orthodontist today!