Orthodontics FAQS

Jun 01, 2020

Crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth are not only unattractive but can cause your dental health to decline. Our teeth are designed to bite down in a unique way to promote the function of the teeth and oral health. However, when the teeth are not aligned properly, they create chewing, speaking, and oral health problems. The best way to fix the problem is by getting orthodontic treatment.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics involves the diagnosis, correction, and prevention of misaligned or malposition teeth and jaws using specific tools. Malocclusion is a common dental problem affecting 50 percent of the population. Our teeth are not perfect and most times don’t bite down properly. Mild malocclusion doesn’t need treatment because they rarely affect the dental problem. However, when you have severely misaligned teeth, you will need orthodontic treatment.

When Should I Have the First Orthodontic Visit?

You can have orthodontic assessment anytime, but the recommended time is at seven years. This is when the permanent teeth start emerging. Also, it is easy for orthodontic to detect any dental problems. Furthermore, the jaw is still developing and chances of correcting any abnormalities are high.

Although seven is the ideal age for a first orthodontic visit, the treatment doesn’t commence until the child is 12 years and the last molars have emerged.

What Does the Orthodontic Treatment Involve?

Only the orthodontist can recommend the right form of treatment, so if you have any dental problems, it is best to visit a dental clinic for treatment.

On your first appointment, our orthodontist will first assess your teeth and dental structure. Next, they will recommend any of the following treatments:

  • Damon system

Damon system resembles the traditional metal braces. However, instead of the metal brackets, the self-litigating braces use a slide mechanism that moves naturally as the teeth adjust. This creates a comfortable and easy adjustment process. Since they don’t have metal ties, the braces make it easier for you to maintain proper oral health. Furthermore, you will have fewer dental visits. You can also choose the Damon clear braces, that have a similar design, only they are invisible.

  • Invisalign

Invisalign are clear braces made of plastic and are customized to fit your dental needs. The orthodontist will examine your teeth and create a 3D impression of your dental structure. This impression is then sent to the lab to make the Invisalign aligners. You will receive a set of aligners to be worn every 14 days. For the best results, you need to wear the braces for 20-22 hours daily, but remove them when eating and drinking to avoid discoloration.

  • Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

If you are looking for fast orthodontic results, the accelerated orthodontic treatment is ideal. At Varallo Orthodontics we offer AcceleDent Aura which is a mouthpiece worn over your braces. This device produces low magnitude vibrations on the teeth to accelerate alignment.

We also offer Propel which a system that stimulated the jaw bone movement and growth, thereby increasing the teeth movement process. This treatment is applied at the dentist’s office, so speak to our orthodontist for more information.

  • Other Orthodontic Treatment

Other orthodontic treatments that can be used include the traditional metal braces which are fixed and visible. Lingual braces can also be used and provide a perfect solution for people who are looking for a less conspicuous dental solution. The metal wires are placed on the inside rather than on the teeth surface.

What Happens After the Orthodontic Treatment?

The orthodontic treatment process is different in everyone, but on average can last between 18 and 24 months. After the braces come off, you will need a retainer to maintain the new teeth position. The retention phase is different and the orthodontist will give the exact timeline.

What to Expect?

Regardless of the orthodontic appliance you choose, you will feel pressure and discomfort when the braces are fixed and every time you adjust. The braces apply mild pressure on the teeth to move them to the correct position.

Schedule an Appointment

Any of the orthodontic treatments mentioned above can help correct malocclusion. Visit Varollo Orthodontics for assessment and recommendation of the suitable treatment for you.