Is it possible to straighten your teeth without braces?

May 16, 2019

People often avoid Dental Braces for straightening teeth because they feel that it is ugly option. Better options are often available over traditional braces for such patients. It is a better, aesthetic dental option for shapeless teeth. Even though advanced treatment may only be an option for a suitable candidate but an expert dentist may suggest relevant treatment option as per the condition. If the condition of crocked or misaligned tooth is extreme, braces are the only option left. One must consider visiting a dental clinic, to know the better solution for straight teeth results.

Can you get straighter teeth without braces?

People often ask a dentist whether they can get straight teeth without using braces and the answer is always ‘NO’. People often avoid braces because of their appearance but instead in such cases better teeth straitening option like Invisalign can be used.

These are transparent and custom made teeth straightening techniques which could effectively correct teeth deviations for better appearance. They are not at all ugly and thus bring in better aesthetic results over traditional braces.

Can i get straight teeth at home without treatment? are “DIY braces” safe?

Even when many try one or the other techniques for natural teeth straitening results right at home, professional recommends not using these techniques. Home technique that claims for better teeth straightening results may have certain of risk and complication attached to it.

Expert dentist suggests avoiding any such techniques. Further, any teeth straitening technique must be obtained as per dentist suggestion or under the supervision of a trained dentist.

Can orthodontic treatment improve oral health?

Even though many patients obtain treatment like Dental Braces for better aesthetic teeth appearance but it is more than this. Misaligned or crooked tooth can let food deposit easily between the gaps of teeth. This may cause further cavities and tooth decay so, as to avoid such severe dental issues, getting teeth straightening alternative become very essential.

Braces can effectively reduce any risk of gum disease and may also be an effective dental treatment for overall oral health.