Invisalign: The First 6 Weeks

May 01, 2019

Invisalign is an ideal treatment for people who wish to get their teeth straight. It’s better than the traditional metal braces as it is quick and almost invisible.

If you are also contemplating to opt for Invisalign, here’s a look at what to expect during the first six weeks.

The Why

If you clench your jaw or grind teeth at night or if you have crooked teeth, it’s time you see an orthodontist in Burlington for correcting the alignment of your teeth with the help of clear aligners.

The Consultation

During the initial consultation, the orthodontist will take pictures of your teeth and x-ray for analysis. This will help in creating the line of treatment and how long it will take to straighten your teeth. They will explain you the importance of wearing aligners 22 hours a day. You can check if your insurer covers the procedure.

The Follow Up

During the follow up appointment, the tech will use a camera on an expensive piece of equipment for taking the detailed pictures of your teeth and bite. This helps them in determining how many attachments you need, where they would be placed, and helps in creating accurate Invisalign.

Getting My Attachments and Trays

You will be shown your before and later pictures so you know how the results will appear. They will apply the attachments which are small, smooth plastic bumps with a bonding agent. They stay on your teeth for the entire duration of your treatment and help in moving the teeth by applying pressure on certain points.

My Initial Reaction

You can beam with joy as you are on the path of straightening your teeth. Your aligners won’t even be visible to most people.

Initial Cons

You may feel slight pain initially and lisp, but you can overcome it within few days. Also, you will have to take the tray out when eating something, only exception being drinking water.

On the Plus Side

You will begin noticing the results soon and you would need to change the set of trays every two weeks but they won’t hurt as much.