Invisalign Arlington

Having a straight smile is something everyone wants in life and shouldn’t be hard to achieve. There are many new innovations in technology with braces and having straighter teeth. Thankfully Varallo Orthodontics is one of the best for Invisalign in Arlington. If you are wanting a more discreet and concealed way of wearing braces, look no further than us.

Why Choose Invisalign in Arlington

Instead of wearing the traditional wires and brackets, Invisalign in Arlington offers patients a clearer way to align your teeth, literally! Invisalign works as clear trays to wear that you can remove whenever you want. Traditional braces limit patients on foods they can consume, but with Invisalign at Varallo, the restrictions don’t exist.

Invisalign in Arlington requires less dental visits than traditional braces do since traditional braces need to be tightened. Invisalign trays stay in their shape and are worn until your treated time is up.

Unlike traditional braces that can leave your teeth discolored or stained, Invisalign keeps your teeth color since the trays conceal your whole teeth. Invisalign from Varallo is comfortable to wear and do not cause toothaches or mouth sores like traditional braces do with wires and brackets.

Choose Varallo Orthodontics As Your Invisalign Provider

If you are looking for the solution of braces but do not want to go the traditional route, consider getting Invisalign in Arlington as your solution to misaligned teeth or bite issues. Dr. Varallo and his professionally trained staff at Varallo Orthodontics have been in practice for over 100 years combined and strive to give their patients a comfortable and friendly environment.

Dr. Varallo and his team work to thoroughly evaluate each patient’s needs to provide them the best care when discussing Invisalign in Arlington. Contact us today if you woud like to speak to our staff and answer any questions you may have.