How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

Apr 01, 2020

Invisalign® for teeth is the only available clear alternative for teeth straightening free of wires, brackets, and other metal. If you have misaligned teeth, you might want to opt for braces and brackets as your orthodontic treatment. These traditional teeth-straightening aligners, however, are metallic and might cause discomfort if you have metal allergies.

Invisible aligners are clear, correct aligners that are custom-crafted for your teeth to correct various deformities. They can work on crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, teeth of different heights, and so on. They usually involve no metal, making them a perfect choice for metal allergic individuals.

Are Invisible Dental Braces Meant for Everyone?

Invisalign treatment involves custom made aligners shaped to tightly fit in the patient’s teeth. They are, therefore, better for adults and teens, and not for children. Varallo Orthodontics for children is a more technical procedure because children’s teeth and their mouths are still in development. The dentist must, therefore, consider the age before scheduling a treatment.

Clear, correct aligners are used for patients with the following dental defects:

  • Reasonably Crowded teeth
  • Minor gaps between teeth
  • Underbites, overbites, and crossbites that are severe
  • Crooked teeth
  • Fractured enamels that need correction
  • Teeth with different heights

How They Work

You will first need a smiling assessment before your dentist decides if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. Usually, if you don’t want braces treatment or are allergic to metal, then you fit for the procedure.

They are made to custom fit your teeth and make them straighter with every replacement. Invisible dental braces are trays that slowly move your teeth into position once installed. You change your invisible braces every two weeks. Each set is made to make your teeth faintly straighter than the preceding tray whatsoever.

Typically, your teeth will adjust with up to 0.25 mm with every tray of aligners. They are virtually invisible and comfortable compared to metallic braces and have easier treatment. They are also barely noticeable, making them a more modest orthodontic option if you need to perfect your smile.

Invisalign Treatment

First, an assessment is needed to determine if you are fit for invisible teeth aligners. This is done through an evaluation with a professional practitioner. They determine the compatibility of invisible braces with your teeth. This is also the time to ask all your medical and financial questions before the treatment.

After completing the assessment, digital 3-D images are taken to help monitor your teeth movements during the whole therapy. These are then used to mold your custom made invisible aligners. They are made with non-irritation BPA- free plastics to provide maximum comfort while in use.

The treatment process has two-week intervals where your aligners graduate to the next set until your teeth are straight as required. Invisible teeth straightening aligners use a thermoplastic design to straighten your teeth. This means the treatment controls the force needed to align your teeth as well as the timing of the application.

Usually, only a number of teeth are affected by each stage. This is duly determined by your dentist as they use the 3-D models taken to monitor the gradual tooth adjustments with each replacement.

What Is the Timeline for The Treatment?

The time for completion of the treatment is usually determined by the severity of the condition. Different individuals heal through different durations, but most adults will have their treatment complete in 12 months.

Your dentist closely works with you offering a treatment that is customized to your specific condition. They might also provide attachments that help the aligners attach firmly to the teeth perfecting your smile faster and easier.

The additional attachment can come as composite tooth-colored ‘bumps.’ When the desired tooth adjustment is achieved, you are then free from the treatment.

After The Treatment

After reaching your desired result, our dentist will recommend Vivera retainers. This is mandatory for all aligners, be it traditional braces or invisible dental braces. Retainers are required to prevent teeth from shifting back into their original position before treatment.

The retainers are made with a staunch piece of technology similar to that used in Invisalign. They are custom made to fit your teeth using a 3-D tooth scan, so they perfectly fit in your teeth, making them more comfortable. Despite keeping your teeth in line, Vivera retainers are stronger and less likely to break compared to other forms of clear retainers.