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Getting The Most of your Invisalign Treatment

Sep 20, 2018

There is a wide range of cosmetic services that help to improve the function of smiles as well. One such treatment is known as Invisalign. Our team at Varallo Orthodontics enjoy seeing the quick and effective results our patients show after wearing their Invisalign aligners after just a short period of time. There are several helpful tips to consider during your treatment process of wearing Invisalign aligners. Continue reading on to see how you can get the most out of your Invisalign treatment!

  • Wear them for at Least 22 Hours a Day. Invisalign treatments use several different clear retainers to realign your smile over time. The constant pressure that is being applied to the teeth is what helps it to move them. Only remove your aligners to eat or for cleaning purposes. This will give you faster results for a shorter treatment!
  • Keep your Travel Toothbrush handy. As previously mentioned, the Invisalign aligners should be removed prior to eating each time. This can make keeping your smile and aligners clean tricky. Keeping a small toothbrush handy at all times will ensure all the harmful bacteria and food debris are free from your smile.
  • Clean Your Invisalign Aligners Every Weekly. If your aligners are not clean, then your teeth will not be clean either. They can also carry harmful bacteria that will affect your teeth.
  • BRUSHING YOUR INVISALIGN ALIGNERS. Simply brushing your aligners with cold water and your toothbrush will do the trick to keep them clean. Avoid warm or hot water that could damage the shape of your aligners.
  • USING RETAINER BRITE CLEANING TABLETS. There are several other methods that will help to keep your aligners clean. Tablets can be left in a glass of water with your aligner for 10 minutes to ensure a thorough clean. Talk to your orthodontist about this method.

If you have any more questions regarding your Invisalign treatment, then contact our team at Varallo Orthodontics for further assistance. Call us today to set up your next appointment or to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.