Get a Faster Orthodontic Treatment with AcceleDent®

Nov 01, 2019

Dental braces have been used for ages by both the young and old to correct and straighten the teeth. Despite the advancement in technology, traditional braces are still uncomfortable and take too long to show positive results—one to three years depending on the severity of the tooth spacing.

Is there a better way? Of course, AcceleDent®.

What is AcceleDent®?

AcceleDent®, launched in 2012, is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device designed to accelerate tooth movement by about 50%. It reduces the pain and discomfort associated with other types. Plus, you can use it with your traditional braces to hasten the process.

AcceleDent®, a portable and hands-free braces, uses a patented SoftPulse technology that generates micro pulses to speed up tooth movement and remodeling.

Our teeth have a membrane and bone cells that support tooth growth and remodeling when pressure is applied. Using the vibrations, AcceleDent® applies pressure to the bone cells, thereby changing its shape with less pain.

AcceleDent® is available in three generations—Classic, Aura, and Optima. AcceleDent® Optima is the latest version and it connects to an app for easy monitoring and reminders. This orthodontic treatment is only available in certified and authorized dental clinics like Varallo Orthodontics.

How to Use

AcceleDent® is easy to use. Plugin the mouthpiece to an activator, turn it on and place it in your mouth. Bite the brace to hold it in place (don’t use your hands) and let it stay for 20 minutes. Remove the device and rinse it off with lukewarm water after every use.

Points to remember;

  • The device pauses for only five minutes and resets, meaning you will have to start again
  • Use the brace for only 20 minutes once a day. There are no studies that show using the device any longer than 20 minutes has any benefit, so the stipulated time should suffice
  • Don’t use it while sleeping

Am I A Candidate?

AcceleDent® can correct a variety of dental problems and is ideal for people of all ages. However, the results will be different to every person; for some people, it may take six months while others it takes 24 months. Discuss with our orthodontic dentist on the available accelerated treatments that are suitable for you.

Is AcceleDent® Safe?

Not only is it FDA approved, but AcceleDent® is clinically tested to accelerate the remodeling activity. Furthermore, clinical trials showed that AcceleDent® has no adverse effects or tooth damage.

Are There Other Options?

At Varallo Orthodontics, we provide AcceleDent® treatment alongside other accelerated options that you can choose from such as;

1. Propel

Propel is an advanced orthodontic system that promotes jaw bone growth and helps the teeth to align faster. We perform the procedure in three steps using a propel device to activate and stimulate the surrounding bone and did we mention its virtually painless.

2. Damon System

This is a self-ligating brace system that corrects malocclusions. The innovative system offers comfort and convenience and allows the teeth to shift faster compared to the traditional braces.

Damon system uses memory-shape wires that gently move and align your teeth. The absence of metal wires makes the braces easy to clean.

Alternatively, you can choose the ceramic and Damon clear braces that are similar to metal braces but are tooth-colored and blend seamlessly with your teeth.

Our ceramic braces are discrete, stain-resistant, comfortable, and make it easy for you to maintain good dental hygiene after treatment.

Why Choose Varallo Orthodontics?

At our Varallo Orthodontics, we use state-of-art technology to provide you with comfortable, safe and effective dental care.

We use the iTero Intraoral Scanner to take your dental impressions. No longer will you deal with uncomfortable dental impressions, with this digital scanner, we scan your impression and submit them via the internet to our partnering labs. We also use digital x-ray that allows the dentist to take accurate images of your teeth and jaw.

Dr. Varallo takes into account your face, dental structure, and jaw bone health while prescribing a dental treatment. With great skill and precision, the dentist will realign and correct your dental problems.

Are you ready to make a dental transformation? Call us today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Varallo for a dental assessment.