Ceramic Braces Woburn

ceramic braces woburn

Your smile is one of the most prominent facial features that people will notice about you. Having a healthy and well-maintained set of pearly whites not only boosts your self-confidence but can also make a great lasting impression on others. This is one of the reasons why people get ceramic braces in Woburn. Some may not be satisfied with how their teeth are aligned, and ceramic braces from Woburn professionals can fix this.

Ceramic braces in Woburn are tools used to straighten teeth and correct bite problems. Ceramic braces in Woburn are made of almost entirely clear brackets that are attached to the surface of your pearly whites. This type of braces is now becoming increasingly popular with dental patients of all ages.

Advantages of Getting Ceramic Braces in Woburn

Ceramic braces in Woburn are an effective orthodontic treatment for giving anyone a more aligned set of teeth. Because of dental innovations and technologies, people now have the option of getting either clear ceramic braces in Woburn or metal ones. If you are still undecided on what to choose, then these advantages of selecting ceramic braces in Woburn can help you:

Ceramic Braces in Woburn Are More Discreet Than Traditional Ones

One of the reasons why some people avoid getting metal braces even when needed is because of how visible they are. Ceramic braces in Woburn consist of small tooth-colored brackets, which make them less noticeable than traditional ones. You can also opt to have your ceramic braces in Woburn color-matched to your teeth to make them more discreet.

The wire connecting each bracket of the ceramic braces in Woburn can also be color-customized to match the brackets. You have the option to choose from a number of shades to complement your ceramic braces in Woburn, including frost, silver, white, and more.

Ceramic Braces in Woburn Are Very Durable

Even though ceramic braces in Woburn have smaller brackets, they are proven to be very tough and resilient. The design and application of ceramic braces in Woburn have evolved to ensure durability. Ceramic braces in Woburn are made from alumina compounds, which are nonporous and considered strong components.

Ceramic Braces in Woburn Are Less Painful to Wear

Dental patients generally find ceramic braces in Woburn more comfortable to wear than the traditional ones. The high-quality materials used in ceramic braces in Woburn are not abrasive, so they will not irritate the sides of your mouth and are gentler on your gums. After wearing ceramic braces in Woburn for a few weeks, the general discomfort will be gone, and you won’t feel any pain anymore.

Ceramic Braces in Woburn Are Easy to Remove After Treatment

Since ceramic braces in Woburn use only top-of-the-line adhesives, it can minimize the damage on your tooth enamel while being taken off. The recent innovations in dental treatments make the removal process of ceramic braces in Woburn less difficult now compared to the earlier counterparts.

Get Your Ceramic Braces in Woburn From Trusted Dental Professionals

If you are looking for an experienced orthodontist who offers ceramic braces to Woburn patients, then turn to us at Varallo Orthodontics. We are committed to helping all of our patients regain their confidence through healthy smiles that can last a lifetime. No matter what your age and concerns are, you are welcome to visit our clinic.

With more than 20 years of experience in orthodontics, you can be assured that our team of professionals is knowledgeable in all of the newest innovations in dental health. We take pride in providing only the most advanced and premium quality oral care available in our high-end clinic. As our valued patient, we will help you achieve the smile you have been dreaming of.

We work together to provide each of our patients with the highest level of customer service they deserve. Call our team today to book an appointment. We look forward to assisting you.

Your Dental Health Matters

Having aligned teeth is a goal that many people want to achieve, not only for aesthetics but also for health reasons. The inside of your mouth, however, can be a complex and delicate place, so it’s best to trust only licensed professionals to handle any concerns you have. An experienced orthodontic team can provide you with the right solutions based on your needs.

Who We Are

Varallo Orthodontics consists of Dr. Daniel Varallo and his clinical and administrative teams. We are trained professionals who have more than 100 years of combined orthodontics experience. It is our goal to always work in synergy with each other to ensure that our clients get the full customer experience they came to us for.

More About the Team

Dr. Varallo obtained his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1993 at Tufts University. After completing his residency and receiving a Master of Science degree in Dentistry at Indiana University in 1995, he set out to provide his assistance to the community.

He is joined by his Orthodontic Assistants who help him with all clinical matters to ensure that each procedure proceeds without a hitch. The Administrative Team takes care of the patients’ details, such as follow-up appointment schedules, record management, and more.

What We Do

Dr. Varallo and the rest of the team can provide exceptional orthodontic services based on your needs. We start with evaluating your teeth’s condition, primarily for alignment concerns, then we recommend a treatment that we think suits your preferences. If you need any of the following solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

  • Damon System (Self-litigating braces)
  • Ceramic or clear braces
  • Invisalign treatment
  • Accelerated orthodontics

We also accommodate pre-adolescent and teenage patients at our practice. Your children are sure to receive utmost care and attention from our professionals. Their comfort is vital to us because we know that their experience with us can affect how receptive they will be with dental care as they grow up. We offer the following for them:

  • Invisalign for teens
  • Early consultations and intervention
  • Airway orthodontics

State-of-the-Art Technology for Patients

Varallo Orthodontics believes that to provide the right solutions for every patient, we have to make sure that we have the power of technology on our side. Our practice is equipped with some of the best machines in the industry. Some of them include:

iTero Intraoral Scanner

We use this machine so our patients can avoid the uncomfortable experience of having their dental impressions taken. The advanced 3D imaging technology in the iTero Intraoral Scanner allows us to capture an accurate imprint of your teeth and bite and make adjustments. Afterward, we send the generated result to one of our partnering labs for faster construction of your braces.

Digital X-Ray Machine

For a clearer and more accurate x-ray of your teeth, we use a digital machine that uses significantly less radiation while still delivering crisp images. The generated result allows Dr. Varallo and the team to ensure that you get a better diagnosis and receive subsequent treatment.

AcceleDent System

Some patients hope to have their orthodontic treatment expedited as much as possible. AcceleDent allows us to speed up your teeth’s movement through cyclic forces while you’re biting on the vibrating mouthpiece for 20 minutes. With this device, your dental adjustment’s duration can be significantly reduced!

Damon System

Braces have a reputation of being painful for patients. With the Damon System, however, we hope to provide our clients with a more comfortable option for their treatment. The memory-shape wires allow for quicker and gentler adjustment so you can have a better smile with less unpleasantness.

We’re Here for You

If you need professional orthodontics services, our team will be more than happy to accommodate you and provide you with the right treatment. Get in touch with us today at 781-648-9200 (Arlington, MA) or 781-425-5090 (Burlington, MA) for a free consultation!