Ceramic Braces Vs. Traditional Braces: What’s The Difference?

Mar 01, 2019

Has your orthodontist suggested to you get you or your child braces? Then fret not we will guide you regarding the types of braces that are available like ceramic clear braces and traditional braces. Technological advancement has made it easier for dentists and patients equally to go through an orthodontic treatment.

Do You Care About How Noticeable Your Braces Are?

Ceramic braces are tooth colored making them not noticeable. Traditional metal braces are apparently visible. Now, it depends upon you, if you don’t mind showing off your braces then you can go for traditional metal ones and if you are embarrassed by braces then you should go for ceramic clear ones.

How Active Are You?

Metal braces are known to be very durable. So, if you are very active and you want your braces to stay intact then go for traditional ones. Since, ceramic braces often tend to chip off when used for a long period of time and if you are into sports then you should avoid getting ceramic braces.

Will Your Insurance Cover Ceramic Braces?

The cost of traditional braces is low compared to ceramic braces. And many insurance companies do cover traditional braces but you must clarify that with your company.

Do You Have a Sensitive Mouth?

Burlington orthodontist says that metal braces in few cases may result in hypersensitivity in the oral cavity. And ceramic braces have no such issues with their usage.

How Many Corrections Do You Need?

If you have to get more corrections or adjustments then traditional braces are the way to go. Orthodontist near Arlington says that traditional braces can bear more pressure while getting a correction for severe corrections ceramic braces are not recommended.

A Note on Staining

Modern ceramic braces don’t have an issue of getting stained as old ceramic braces were made of plastic and were susceptible to staining. Still it’s recommended to avoid foods and beverages that can stain.

So, Do You Need Braces?

If you have crowded teeth, misaligned teeth then you must consult a dentist and get the right kind of braces for you.