Ceramic Braces Aren’t Right for Everyone—Are They Right For You?

Nov 16, 2018

The orthodontists of Varallo Orthodontics, located in the 01866 area code of Massachusetts, use ceramic (clear) braces routinely to straighten teeth and to correct problems in the alignment of the bite and jaw.  Patients are pleased with their outward appearance during the process because the clear and tooth-colored braces blend into their smile.

These patients maintain the appearance of their smile while focusing on the end result.

This Method is Not for Everyone

Ceramic braces are not recommended for children, pre-teens and most teenagers.  Although ceramic braces straighten teeth and correct problems based upon the same methodology as metal braces, there is an elevated level of care with ceramic braces that is not conducive to children and most teens.  Patients with ceramic braces need to pay strict attention to diet and the regimental cleaning process.

The Care Regimen

The oral healthcare professionals at Varallo Orthodontics recommend the steps below for the caring of teeth in ceramic braces.

  • Brush After Every Meal

This step is challenging, but it is important for the ceramic not to become stained.  Simple changes in daily routines can accommodate this step.

  • Rinse Regularly

Rinsing with a dental solution after every meal will eliminate most loose food particles within the braces.  This may be a quick-fix alternative when brushing is not possible.

  • Use Floss Tools

It is recommended that flossing tools be carried and used after every meal or, at a minimum, once every day.  Flossing is necessary to remove food particles from in between teeth and brackets.

  • Monitor Intake of Food and Liquid with Staining Effects

Simple decisions can be made without any major alteration to diet and lifestyle to comply with this step.  Avoid foods and drinks that will likely cause stains to the braces:  white wine instead of red, white pasta sauce instead of red, green teas instead of black, etc.

Ceramic Braces are Worth It

The fact that ceramic braces blend into a smile from afar, and are often not evident in pictures or selfies, are the benefits that make the cleaning and care regimens worth it.  Adults and older teens are pleased with the end result and maintain their self-confidence during the process.

Dr. Varallo and his dedicated team at Varallo Orthodontics, with offices near you in Arlington and Burlington, Massachusetts, are trusted and highly recommended in providing its patients with specialized treatment and care.  Modern and innovative technology is applied to all treatments, and new patients are always welcome.

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