How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

Apr 01, 2020

Invisalign® for teeth is the only available clear alternative for teeth straightening free of wires, brackets, and other metal. If you have misaligned teeth, you might want to opt for braces and brac...

How Do Braces Function When Straightening Teeth

How Do Braces Function When Straightening Teeth among Children and Adults?

Mar 01, 2020

Dental braces are appliances useful for correcting crooked or crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw also known as malocclusion. Braces are most often used in adolescence but an increasing number of adults...


The Reasons Why Adults Prefer Clear Aligners to Conventional Braces for Orthodontic Treatments

Feb 01, 2020

The goal of orthodontics is to primarily correct teeth that are poorly positioned to improve their function and appearance. Modern-day orthodontics is offering adults with an alternative to braces tha...

What Are the Adult Braces Options

What Are the Adult Braces Options?

Jan 01, 2020

The number of adults wearing braces is increasing as the days go by. There are various reasons why an adult may prefer to have orthodontic treatment. It may be as a result of misaligned teeth. Or ma...

Are You Gifting Yourself Braces This Christmas?

Dec 01, 2019

Are you an adult with crooked teeth? You probably want to know the difference between braces and how to choose the best for yourselves. You would also want to know about the costs involved and wheth...

Get a Faster Orthodontic Treatment with AcceleDent®

Nov 01, 2019

Dental braces have been used for ages by both the young and old to correct and straighten the teeth. Despite the advancement in technology, traditional braces are still uncomfortable and take too long...