Are You Gifting Yourself Braces This Christmas?

Dec 01, 2019

Are you an adult with crooked teeth? You probably want to know the difference between braces and how to choose the best for yourselves. You would also want to know about the costs involved and whether there are any free programs for braces for adults. First of all, we would suggest you schedule an appointment with an orthodontist to understand the type of braces best suited to your situation before beginning to research the 2019 new guide to have braces. The orthodontist will help you to understand whether you need to have traditional braces or whether you are a suitable candidate for some other options that are also available. The research will give you information about the type of braces currently available on the market making it easier for you to understand how to choose between different varieties.

As an individual with misaligned teeth, it would be natural on your part to make an effort to correct the problem. Not only would you want straighter teeth to improve your appearance but also for help with your oral hygiene. The teenage years are the best to have braces to straighten teeth but adults opting for braces is becoming increasingly common of late. With different types of braces available on the market, adult braces have become more effective and discreet. However, understanding which one is the right option you can be overwhelming.

How Do Braces Function?

Modern orthodontics is using several types of braces that function differently with the sole objective of correcting problems with dental alignment. The four main reasons why orthodontists recommend braces are the following:

  • You have crooked, protruding, or crowded teeth in your mouth.
  • Gaps exist between your teeth that need to be closed.
  • Your teeth are misaligned because of a birth defect.
  • You suffer from malocclusion that is affecting your bite.

You may find the cost of braces worth the investment because if the problem are not rectified that can lead to:

  • Difficulties cleaning your teeth properly to result in further dental problems.
  • Difficulties with eating.
  • Self-consciousness with the appearance of your teeth.
  • Increased chances of damage to your prominent teeth.
  • Impediments to your speech.

Different Types of Braces Available on the Market

Wearing braces can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance especially when you reach adulthood. Many adults dislike the idea of wearing braces because of how other people may perceive them. They also worry they will look immature with the braces in their mouths. Thankfully, conventional metal braces are not the only variety for people that are looking for the perfect smile.

Modern ceramic materials can be developed to match the color of your natural tooth and invisible braces like Invisalign are barely visible. These varieties throw less attention to your teeth and the fact that you could be wearing braces to correct problems with your teeth. However, you may have to make the right choices in consultation with your orthodontist who will be able to guide you properly.

Types of Braces You Can Choose for Yourselves

You can choose clear aligners like Invisalign that are almost invisible, removable, easy to clean, and without any metal in your mouth. However, these are expensive and the treatment time needed may be longer than expected.

You can opt for lingual braces that will be hidden behind your teeth if you do not want to display the braces in your mouth. You must, however, be prepared to have them for a longer time in your mouth and also bear the expenses. These are difficult to clean and adjust and can have a greater effect on your speech while causing discomfort at the same time.

Ceramic braces in the form of tooth-colored or white material are as effective as metal braces but can stain easily. They are also uncomfortable and expensive.

Traditional metal braces are the most noticeable in your mouth but at least heavy on your wallet. You can customize your appearance with colored bands but must be prepared for some discomfort and pain along with giving up some foods which you will be prevented from having.

Discussing with your orthodontist is the best option that should be chosen because he or she is the best person to guide you with your effort to improve your appearance and smile. You may not be suitable for certain types of braces if the misalignment in your mouth is severe. Therefore make an informed decision after the discussion and only go with the advice of the orthodontist by scheduling an appointment.